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    French Touch

    Discover the success story of the French Touch !
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    Nicolas Boussin

    Executive Pastry Chef at La Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire, Nicolas Boussin cultivates his French Touch with passion. Interview with the Chef who's pastries combine tradition and originality .
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    Discover Nicolas Boussin French Touch's recipe, created with the Elle & Vire Professionnel Excellence Whipping Cream 35,1% fat, the Elle & Vire Gourmet Butter 82% fat and the Sublime Cream with Mascarpone.
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    New inspiration booklet for Bakery & Pastry

    Let yourself be inspired by your new booklet, mingling tips and recipes for bakers and pastry chefs developped by the Chefs of La Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire with Christophe Michalak.
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Cappuccino-style risotto with saffron


Pecan and sublime caramel bar

Pierre Gagnaire Christophe Michalak

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