Better managing resources

For a better future

Better managing resources means preserving our ecosystem for future generations by fighting against food waste, limiting our impact on the environment, preserving biodiversity, eating responsibly… Together, we embrace good practices for a better future.

Preservation of biodiversity

Elle & Vire Professionnel® is committed to the preservation of biodiversity in Normandy, by preserving the environment around the dairy and supporting and help our breeders so they can properly manage their fields in order to maintain the hedges, embankments, meadows and wetlands that are characteristic of Normandy’s bocage landscape and essential for increasing its biodiversity.
« For me, Better managing resources is the basis of my cooking. »

Bastien de Changy

Nomadic Chef, Gault&Millau Young Talent 2021

After participating in the French cooking show Masterchef and undergoing a career change, he was awarded as one of Gault&Millau’s Young Talents. In 2022, he became Chef at the restaurant Cambrousse in Saint-Cyr-en-Arthies. Now working as an in-home Chef, he promotes responsible eating and an “anti-waste” approach to food.

His recipe
« We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint » - Céline Doublet

Lucie Lepleux
& Céline Doublet

Dairy supply communication manager SAVENCIA
& CSR Manager Elle & Vire Professionnel®

Céline Doublet is a CSR coordinator. Her role is to create and manage Elle & Vire Professionnel®’s corporate social responsibility policy.

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Excellence Whipping Cream 35% fat

Excellence Whipping Cream 35% fat

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Excellence cooking cream 35% fat

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