Meet Guido Brunetto

International Culinary Advisor
His career path
Born in Italy, Guido Brunetto began his culinary training in an Italian hotel management school, at the age of thirteen.

Passionate about culinary history and science, he owns a hundred-books culinary reference library, with documents spanning from 9th century up to modern times. A wide source of inspiration!
This passion for knowledge is bound with the desire to discover and understand how other people transform food, prepare, and appreciate their meals.

As a cosmopolitan chef, Guido has always been on the move, worked in more than fifty kitchens over five European countries, comfortable with culinary styles ranging from pub/bistrots to five stars hotels; and, believing savory kitchen and sweet pastry to be the two sides of a same coin, he kept nurturing his experience in both, all along his travels.

In 2005, his thirst for knowledge brought him in contact with the food industry, where he developed his engineering skills to become a food technologist.

Some years later, in 2017, Guido joined Elle & Vire ® as an international Culinary Chef.
His childhood dish
“The first that comes to my mind is the lobster. It was relatively affordable when I was young, in the seaport where I was born. Sometimes, my father and I went fishing for it and he would cook it very simply, in a light stock with herbs and vegetables, that we'd use later to make a flavourful soup. It was simple, unrefined, but that's what is a good cooking to me: the one that highlights an ingredient without hiding it”.
His guilty pleasure
“It's a difficult question, as it changes from time to time, as per every new experience.
Among savory preparations, my favourites are hand-made cured meats from Sardinia. Next in line, the roasted Kid and suckling pig, that I also discovered on that island, cooked in an earthen pit with myrtle branches.
As of sweets, I longtime hesitated to taste Tiramisù. Somebody told me it was cheese-based, and as a child, I didn't like cheese. Then one day I accepted to try it out, and since then, never stopped making my own! “

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