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Ingredient list
125 g Extra dry butter 84% fat
1000 g Extra dry butter 84% fat
940 g plain flour (T55, approximately 11% protein)
310 g strong flour (T45, approximately 14% protein)
25 g salt
25 g vinegar
500 g water
365 g milk
85 g egg yolks
75 g sugar
17 g plain flour (T55, approximately 11% protein)
17 g custard powder
430 g Soft style cream cheese
285 g Excellence whipping cream 35% fat
430 g pastry cream
50 g gelatine mass*
20 g orange blossom water
100 g Soft style cream cheese
250 g Excellence whipping cream 35% fat
50 g Elle & Vire gourmet butter 82% fat
35 g glucose
220 g sugar
60 g pistachio paste
100 g Soft style cream cheese
325 g Excellence whipping cream 35% fat
35 g milk
35 g sugar
26 g gelatine mass
SQ icing sugar
SQ butter
130 g sesame seeds
SQ raw pistachios
SQ ground pistachios
Elle & Vire products used

The recipe,
step by step

  1. 1


    Using the dough hook of the stand mixer, combine the two types of flour, butter and salt while slowly drizzling in the vinegar and water.

    Form into a ball and let rest in the refrigerator.

    Roll out the dough, inserting and enclosing the sheet of butter in it. Give it its turns (see in assembly).

  2. 2


    Prepare a traditional pastry cream.
  3. 3


    Stir the pastry cream and warm slightly. Add the dissolved gelatine mass and orange blossom water, followed by the cream cheese. Finish off by gently folding in the whipped cream. * 7 g powdered 200 bloom gelatine + 43 g water 
  4. 4


    Heat the cream with the glucose. Prepare a dry caramel with the sugar and deglaze with the hot cream mixture.

    Heat to 108°C. Add the butter at 40°C along with the pistachio paste and cream cheese then blend using a hand mixer.


  5. 5


    Bring the milk and sugar to the boil. Add the gelatine mass and cream cheese. Blend using a hand mixer while adding the chilled cream. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours (ideally overnight).
  6. 6


    Perform 5 turns respecting the resting time in between and using ice for the final 3. Roll out to a thickness of 2 mm. Cut into Ø12-cm circles. Using a brush, coat one side of the circle with melted butter. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and then with icing sugar. Turn the circles over onto a sheet of baking paper (sesame side down). Top with another sheet of baking paper and place an aluminium baking sheet on top. Bake in a 170°C convection oven for approximately 25 minutes. Remove from the oven and immediately cut the circles again, using a Ø10-cm cookie cutter. Pipe out 50 g of diplomat cream into each Flexipan and place in the freezer. Unmould and cut in half. Pipe out 20 g of pistachio caramel onto a circle of pastry, leaving 0.5 cm bare around the edge (smooth side) then cut the circle in half. Affix a half disc of diplomat cream on a semicircle of pastry (pistachio caramel side) and top with the second semicircle of pastry. Using an 8-mm plain tip, pipe out 7 balls of decorative cream (approximately 25 g). Decorate with pieces of raw pistachio and ground raw pistachio

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