Ludovic Chesnay in Korea

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At the beginning of September, Chef Ludovic Chesnay was in Korea for some pastry demonstrations with Chef Martin in the kitchen of SUN-IN, our Elle & Vire Professionnel Korean partner. These demonstrations were an opportunity for our Korean customers to discover our latest products such as Sublime, Cream with Mascarpone as well as the quality of the rest of Elle & Vire Professionnel products through the original recipes he realized like the Asian Floral Tart or the Chocolate Entremet.

Another pastry demonstration was carried out a few days later in the beautiful environment of Jeju Island.

Find the recipe of the Asian Floral Tart here :

Find the recipe of the Chocolate Entremet here :

More information about Chef Ludovic Chesnay here :

More informations about our Korean partner SUN-IN ici :


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