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The worldwide trend is a return to the roots! At Elle & Vire Professionel we have always dedicated our know-how to authenticity and taste through our commitment to Normandy’s wealth of local products. Thus, our Chefs from la Maison de La Crème decided to dedicate this latest issue to naturality – one of the founding principles of Elle & Vire Professionnel’s excellence.


In this issue, you will discover the latest green trends and industry news and meet Chefs from all over the world. You will find delicious recipes from Indonesian Chef Talita Setyadi, pulling the string at Beau pastry shop in Jakarta (Indonesia) and from French Executive Chef at the Rothana Amann (Jordan) Sébastien Cassagnol. You will also Chef Etienne Leroy’s secrets to succeed in making a perfect mousse: the 2017 World Champion of pastry shares everything with you!

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