The solidarity spirit of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations

It's been 10 years since the pastry chef Jérôme De Oliveira joined the French Association of Esophagus Atresia (FAEA) of which he is the godfather.
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A recognized association of general interest accredited by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health that helps and informs families whose children are born with esophagus atresia or a related pathology.


That is why, as the end of the year celebrations are coming, Jérôme De Oliveira has chosen to create an exclusive Yule log recipe of which 100% receipts will be donated to the association to finance research against this disease.


Thus was born Comète, a symbolic Yule log inspired by one of the 8 historical Santa Clauss’ reindeer, and more particularly the one known to bring happiness to children.


This pear, caramel and speculos Yule log will be on sale in a limited edition for 100,00€ each in Intuitions by Jérôme De Oliveira cake shops in Cannes and Grasse (France, French Riviera).


A great initiative that allows families to enjoy a beautiful Yule log while doing a good deed !


We are proud to have been able to accompany Jérôme De Oliveira in this project by offering 100% of the dairy products that were used to produce Comète Yule logs.


We wish you a very happy New Year, wherever you are, anywhere in the world. Thank you for your loyalty !


Photo credits : live-and-shoot 

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