Portrait of the pastry Chef Ana Consulea

Ana Consulea is Pastry Chef and owner of Zexe Braserie, a pastry-shop and restaurant located in Bucharest (65 Aviatorilor Avenue), born out of the desire to bring to light the real flavor of the Romanian pastry.

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At 30 years old, Ana Consulea is a well-known name in the world of dessert lovers in Romania. She studied pastry in France, at the CFA Pays de Montbeliard.

In 2012, Ana Consulea returned to Romania, determined to change tastes and mentalities and show Romanians that they have a robust and full of personality confectionery.


After several years of hard work, Ana Consulea managed to revise, in an original and very contemporary way, with today's ingredients and techniques, historical recipes of Romanian cakes, forgotten by many people - Tache Ionescu, Carmen Sylva, Joffre and Regina Maria.

In addition to the historical desserts line, Ana Consulea originally revised a series of French desserts, adapted to the local taste (Le Petit-Antoine - the bestseller from Zexe Braserie, Foret-Noire, etc.), but also the cakes of childhood (for example, grandma’s marbled cake, cake with sour cherries) and she created a series of handmade ice cream assortments with unique flavors on the local market (ice cream with puff pastry, with toast and jam etc.).

The principles that guide her brand, Zexe Braserie, are quality, creativity, balance, taste nostalgia, emotion, care and innovation. Zexe Braserie is a business meant to last, to model tastes, mentalities and to bring balance and joy for all those who are part of it - from the team to guests.

Zexe Braserie collaborates with Romanian contemporary artists, under the platform ”Confectioners with artistic spirit”, meant to show the similarities between the two jobs, the confectioner and the artist: handmade work, attention to details, creation. 

Every year, a local artist is challenged to create artworks for packaging. This year, the artist comissioned to design the packaging is Alexia Udriște, a well-known artist in Romania, passioned about botanical illustrations, that created an illustration that highlights the beauty of the 4 seasons, inspired by Ana Consulea’s desserts.

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