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French cream cheese

Elle & Vire Professionnel's French Cream Cheese: a unique taste and texture.

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Made in France with French milk, it is the result of Norman dairy know-how and the expertise of Elle & Vire Professionel® chefs.
Characterized by creamy notes and a good cheese taste, the French Cream Cheese enhances both sweet and savory preparations.
Its soft and easy-to-work texture is easily incorporated with the other ingredients, giving a creamy and smooth texture to your recipes.

According to Nicolas Boussin expertise, Best Pastry Craftsman of France 2000 – Executive Pastry Chef of La Maison de l’Excellence Savencia®: “This cheese, with an intensely creamy and very fresh taste, is characteristic of the Norman know-how. It brings a unique smoothness and reveals other ingredients”.


Available in 1 kg Block
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