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Ingredient list
Hazelnut dacquoise (3 sheets)
900 g egg whites
60 g granulated sugar
900 g ground almonds
360 g hazelnut powder
900 g icing sugar
360 g Chopped hazelnuts
Crunchy Wafers
456 g Chopped hazelnuts
570 g Hazelnut crumble
400 g Feuilletine flakes
456 g Bahibe milk couverture
912 g Hazelnut praline paste
228 g cocoa butter
5 g fleur de sel
Hazelnut Praliné Fondant
2700 g Hazelnut praline paste
270 g cocoa butter
Dulcey Chocolate Hazelnut Crémeux
1800 g Excellence Whipping Cream 35% fat
260 g egg yolks
1000 g Dulcey couverture
21 g cocoa butter
228 g hazelnut paste
Hazelnut cream
774 g Liquid cream (1)
178 g flower honey
24 g gelatine powder
168 g water
595 g hazelnut praliné
440 g hazelnut paste
3154 g Liquid cream (2)
Milk chocolate glaze
65 g spring water
150 g fine sugar
100 g Glucose syrup (43 DE)
150 g condensed milk (without sugar)
175 g Milk couverture 40%
7 g gelatine powder
49 g water
Whipped milk chocolate ganache
300 g Liquid cream (1)
400 g whole milk
180 g granulated sugar
4 g gelatine powder
28 g water
750 g Bahibe milk couverture
200 g hazelnut paste
1600 g Liquid cream (2)
grilled hazelnuts
Praliné filled eggs
Elle & Vire products used

The recipe,
step by step

  1. 1

    Hazelnut dacquoise (3 sheets)

    Combine the ground almonds, icing sugar and ground hazelnuts.

    Beat the egg whites and add the sugar.

    Combine the two mixtures and spread 1 kg onto each baking sheet.

    Sprinkle each baking sheet with 120 g of chopped hazelnuts and bake at 170°C for approximately 14 min.

    Use a stencil to cut out.

  2. 2

    Crunchy Wafers

    Toast the hazelnuts and combine with the crumble and feuilletine flakes.

    Combine the praliné with the melted chocolate and cocoa butter then add the first mixture.

    Add the fleur de sel and spread 150 g of the mixture in each base mould.


  3. 3

    Hazelnut Praliné Fondant

    Combine the praliné at 4°C with the melted cocoa butter.

    Let crystallize slightly then pipe 145 g onto each hazelnut dacquoise.

  4. 4

    Dulcey Chocolate Hazelnut Crémeux

    Heat the cream without bringing it to the boil. Add the egg yolks.

    Heat to 82°C, pour over the chocolate, cocoa butter and hazelnut paste, then blend with a mixer.

    Store at 4°C then, using a n°12 tip, pipe 160 g onto each praliné fondant covered dacquoise.

  5. 5

    Hazelnut cream

    Heat the cream (1) with the honey.

    Add the rehydrated gelatine and pour over the hazelnut praliné and hazelnut paste.

    Blend with a mixer and cool to 26°C. Fold in the whipped cream (2).

    Fill each mould with 240 g of hazelnut cream and top with the insert. Let harden and smooth.


  6. 6

    Milk chocolate glaze

    Heat the 65 g of water, sugar and glucose to 108°C.

    Remove from the heat and add the concentrated milk. Bring back to the boil.

    Pour over the milk couverture and stir in the rehydrated gelatine.

    Blend with a mixer and let cool. Unmould the entremets and cover with the glaze at 25°C.

    Set on top of the crunchy wafers.
  7. 7

    Whipped milk chocolate ganache

    Heat the milk and cream (1) with the sugar and hazelnut paste then add the rehydrated gelatine.

    Pour over the milk couverture, blend with a mixer and add the cream (2).  

    Let chill for 12 hours in the refrigerator then whip with a whisk.

    Place the straw basket decoration made of milk couverture in the centre of the glazed entremets.

    Whisk the whipped ganache and pipe 122 g into the centre of each entremets.

  8. 8


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