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In the realm of high-end pastry, great chefs were looking for a perfect cream: subtle, consistent, smooth, in short, absolutely beautiful. But to produce this cream, they had to make a clever mix… After extensive research Elle & Vire Professionnel®, came up with the perfect formula of Cream with Mascarpone.

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Sublime Cream with Mascarpone,

A smooth and gourmet blend made with 70% of Excellence cream and 30% of mascarpone. Since 2014, this innovative mix has been a success in many countries around the world thanks to its different assets : 

  • Rich  taste and smooth  texture

  • Exceptional  hold

for 48hrs at +4°C

  • High tolerance  to freezing and defrosting:

no exudate, no yellow colour, or does not dry

  • Ready–to–use: quick, easy and consistent preparations


Therefore, Sublime is really optimal for creating precise decoration. For additional usages, it is also suitable for incorporation, beverage (topping, smoothies) and culinary applications (sauces, soups, verrines).

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Tested and approuved by the greatest pastry chefs

« Thanks to its exceptional hold, the Sublime cream brings the stability and hold of mascarpone to your decorations. And also its sweetness will give a real “plus” to your creations !”

Nicolas Boussin, Best French Pastry Chef 2000 and Executive Pastry Chef of La Maison de l'Excellence Savencia®, endorsed and used it to revisit its creations


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