"Elle & Vire Professionnel® Mascarpone is the perfect ally for your desserts: super creamy texture, appealing taste and time-saving in preparations  !" Emmanuele Forcone
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In 2023, Elle & Vire Professionel® worked with the famous Italian Chef, Emmanuele Forcone, World Pastry Champion in 2015 and international consultant. In this interview, he tells us about his feeling about the famous tiramisù recipe and about the Mascarpone UHT.

What are the secrets to making a good tiramisù?

I believe that tiramisù’s secret lies in its perfect balance between key taste elements and flavours: there’s the sweetness of mascarpone but also its acidity, there’s bitter cocoa, bitter coffee and, of course, all the richness and sweetness of mascarpone. This set of basic tastes comes together in perfect harmony. For me, the tiramisù secret is therefore a perfect balance of tastes and flavours and I believe it determines its success.

What does mascarpone represent for you?

To an Italian pastry Chef, mascarpone is the cheese that represents pastry par excellence. Mascarpone is an Italian speciality, extremely well known as an ingredient in tiramisù, which is the biggest selling Italian dessert worldwide, part of our cultural identity. But mascarpone is not only used in tiramisù. This cheese combines perfectly with thousands of other creams and provides chefs with infinite creative opportunities, giving structure and taste to many different types of cream.

What do you like about Elle & Vire Professionnel® Mascarpone?

The most surprising thing about Elle & Vire Professionnel® Mascarpone is its super creamy texture, very unique. Why? Because pastry Chefs need ingredients with very soft textures to make their mixtures easily.

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