Raw food : a new way of life

Born in California in the 1950s, raw food is still trending to this day. Doctor Ann Wigmore came up with this "vitality" diet in her Living Foods Lifestyle.


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What is a raw food diet ?

A raw food diet is to exclusively eat unprocessed, raw or berely cooked food. in the era of 'healthy eating' and the challenges coming from sustainable food, raw food is quite seductive. 

What are the benefits ?

Fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds and nuts are the core of this diet, which sometimes also bans animals products at times. By excluding processed foods, raw food centers the debate on simple unprocessed foods and freshness. Eating raw or barely coked (up to 47.8°C) food preserves vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.

On the plate

Far from restricting Chefs, raw food allows them to express themselves by combining flavors, marinade, smoke... As demonstrated by the menu of the 42 degrés (Paris) restaurant, where a cream of soup with Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut milk and truffle oil appears side-by-side with a parsnip and smoked pepper shepherd's pie or marinated oyster mushrooms in a miso sauce. At Raw (Paris), Chef William Pradeleix also features an Iced bass sashimi on cedarwood with scallion and sudachi soy jelly as well as a Smoked Eal with beetroot, pickled blackberries and a black sesame emulsion. This creative and refined cooking is shared just like tapas. Finally, at Raw (Taipei), Chef André Chiang takes great care in basing his menu on simple foods, selected depending on the island's micro-seasons and inspired by tradition Taiwanese street food. 

William Pradeleix

- Chef - " I lived two years in San Francisco. That is where I got the idea of opening 100% raw location in paris inspired by Californian counters. "

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