Pierre Gagnaire and the Cooking Cream Sour Taste

Dans le cadre du lancement de la Cooking Cream Sour Taste, Elle & Vire Professionnel® laisse la parole à Pierre Gagnaire, Chef multi-étoilé, qui nous dit tout sur cette crème cuisson.
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What do you like about this cream?

Instead of using an acid like lemon or vinegar or white wine, we’re going to add this spoonful of Cooking Cream Sour Taste that gives spirit to a sauce, to a roast, to a product that is braised or poached.


What does Sour Cream evoke for you? How does it inspire you?

It evokes Northern Europe - cabbage, beets, borscht. And on the North American side, think pancakes, smoked salmon, thick crepes, blinis, herring. So, it’s a whole universe that is a sort of like delicate frontier, it pairs very well with savoury flavours, but a type of savoury that can be transformed into sweet. It pairs well with red berries, with cold meats. One of the first recipes we have created consists of raw scampi with fruit.


What does the Elle & Vire Professionel® Cooking Cream Sour Taste bring to your creations?

The cream has nice texture, it holds up well to heat. We’re really going to use it as a cooking element and that’s where Elle&Vire’s expertise comes into play because this is a cream that is not going to separate, it’s a cream that is going to hold up nicely. What’s interesting is that it has a certain voluptuousness about it. And that is something that is reassuring.


Any final words?

It’s a great find, I think that it fills a void.Never forget that acidity is what brings out the flavour of a product.


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