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On Saturday, 11th of July in Heinola in Finland, Lionel Lallement, Best Pastry Craftsman of France 1989, assisted by Jacques Coadic and Sébastien Jérôme will make strawberry pavlova in the training School SALPAUS. This event is organized by ActionFinland! and its Finish partner, ProAgria Etelä-Suomi.

The strawberry pavlova will put under the spotlight the quality of Finish strawberries and the know-how of French chefs, and all for a good cause. Indeed, the strawberry pavlova will be sold and the profits given to charities in the city.

This event will require 120 kg of Finish strawberries and the pavlova will be prepared with Sublime, Cream with Mascarpone.

Initially, Lionel Lallement was going to make a Napoleon cake but due to a problem of delivery of the puff pastry, he decided to make a gourmet strawberry pavlova instead.


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