The solidarity breakfasts of Fontainebleau

To support and bring sweet delicacy to those who fight every day against the COVID 19 was the mission of our ambassador, the pastry Chef Frédéric Cassel.

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Thanks to Fontainebleau’s municipality, he gathered 6 craftsmen-bakers from the city to produce and deliver full breakfasts every day to those working on the front line: the caregivers, the staff in nursing homes, the firemen, the EMS, the municipal agents.

Each craftsman committed themselves to provide, every week and alternately 150 complete breakfasts composed of pastries, cereal breads, fruit juices, butter, cheeses, yoghurts, jams and other desserts « to start off on the right foot early in the morning because they need strength to start their day » explains Frédéric Cassel.

A total of 1,000 breakfasts will be offered every week!

This solidarity action was made possible thanks to the support of partners from the food industry. « They help us to make healthy breakfasts and to produce pastries » says Frédéric Cassel: « Yesterday, I received 4000 yoghurts, 300 kilos of butter, 200 kilos of cream from Elle & Vire Professionnel®. It's impressive to see all the pallets arriving, to put everything aside, but it's heartwarming. Especially since in my business, everyone volunteers to store, load and deliver. We are lucky to have a committed staff and a great team spirit. »

Frédéric Cassel hires 37 people and since the beginning of the confinement, they are 7 people left to work to ensure the production, the sell and the delivery. The decline in his activity allowed him to give his time to carry out solidarity actions within his municipality.

Frédéric Cassel also offered his services to make up for the lack of customers in the stores by offering an exceptional home delivery service.

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