Meeting with Yena Park

In February, head to South Korea with Chef Yena Park owner of VanillaCloud a pastry shop as well as a baking studio. She shared with us one of her favourite recipe "Apfel"
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Apfel is made with "agustache rugosa"(Korean mint) and green apple, a desert mixing sweetness and acidity. Yena Park used the Elle & Vire Professionnel® Whipping Cream which allows her to complete the soft texture that is not enough for the mousse using watery ingredients, she also likes fermented flavor of the Elle & Vire Professionnel® gourmet butter which fills up the lack of other ingredients. 

Apfel recipe:

For the sablé:

Pastry flour: 100g
Almond meal: 12g
Gourmet Butter: 64g
Powdered sugar :36g
A pinch of salt
Egg: 20

For the biscuit:

Almond meal: 35g

Powdered sugar: 35g

Pastry flour: 24g

Egg: 48

Egg whites: 70

Sugar: 36g

For the green apple insert:

Green apple puree: 35g
Green apple: 1
Sugar: 50g
Lime juice: 15ml
Gelatine mass: 16g

For the green apple mousse:

Agustache rugosa:  4

Green apple puree: 180g

Sugar: 40g

Lime juice: 16ml

Gelatine mass:  32g

Fromage blanc: 100g

Excellent whipping cream: 180g

For the green mirror glaze:

Ivoire chocolate: 100g
Glucose: 100g
Sugar: 100g
Water: 50g
Gelatine mass: 42g
Sweetened condesnsed milk: 60ml
Green food coloring

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