Elle & Vire Professionnel® shines in Thailand thanks to chef Eric Perez

After touring the USA and Asia and working at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai, Chef Eric Perez then opened his own pastry boutiques in Shanghai and Bangkok.
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Chef Eric Perez

In 2008, Chef perez decided to open his first pastry school in Bangkok, the "Macaron Pastry Training Center" in order to make French pastry accessible to all in Asia.


"The important thing is to have the capacity to adapt oneself and learn while keeping a hint of the French pastry which remains at the root of international pastry". According to the tastes and trends in each country with which Chef Perez works, he changes the amounts of sugar or even the textures to meet the local pastry chefs' requirements and demands.


He appreciates simple pastries, avoiding too many ingredients, with a nice texture. he declares:" I love mille-feuille, chou pastry with caramel and vanilla or a plain chocolate gateau"

The Macaron Pastry Training Center

The Macaron School is both open to professionals and amateurs. For 3 days, about 30 customers of Elle & Vire Professionnel® from all around Asia (India, Singapore, Indonesia, The Maldives in 2019) have had the opportunity to discover all the specificities and specialties of French pastry as well as the chef's secrets. Macarons, breads, Danish pastries, decorations in chocolate and revisited great classics are nothing but a tiny sample of the range of activities offered in the culinary classes.

Chef Eric Perez and Elle & Vire Professionnel®

For several years now, Eric Perez has been collaborating with Elle & Vire Professionnel® brand because he appreciates the quality and consistency of our products rarely found elsewhere. His must have are the Cream Cheese, the Excellence Whipping Cream 35% fat, the Sublime Cream with Mascarpone along with the Extra-dry Butter 84% fat.

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