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On Monday 22nd of February 2021 we met on @elleetvirepro Instagram account for an exclusive interview with Davy Tissot, Bocuse d’Or France 2019. The Chef, which will represent France in Lyon for the Bocuse d’Or Final, gave us some precious time to discuss about his training, his lifestyle with the French Team and his inspirations.

During this live, we had the pleasure to meet his Team (Arthur Debray, Nicolas Ferrand, Naïs Pirollet, Julien Dubois, Alain Le Cossec and Yoann Chapuis), to visit the premises (gym, offices, kitchen, living room) but mainly to understand his state of mind before this big international final.

Because the theme isn’t set yet, Davy and the French Team are in the research and development phase. The Bocuse d’Or recipes are seasonal which makes the task harder, indeed it is an international competition, so the seasonal products aren’t the same between countries. Additionally, the competition changes with its time by imposing more and more green restrictions.

Besides work, Davy insists on the importance of sports, relaxation and exchange in order to have a healthy routine. For Davy, sport is an essential part of the training, whether it is running, biking, doing yoga… the whole team is stimulated by this sport’s enthusiast. According to him it also helps to develop a real team spirit which is vital during such a competition. “We try to prepare calmly and to live this competition with a passionate approach without creating unhealthy stress.”.

Young generation investment:

Surrounded by two highly motivated young commis chefs, Davy thinks it is a turning point for the future of the team. Indeed, such as the Scandinavian teams, the objective is to detect young chefs with potential to create a Junior French Team.

SIRHA rescheduled in September? Davy is confident and tries to turn this negative situation into something positive. How? By taking the time to make an inventory of their multiple tests and thus creating a database for future generations candidates.

The Bocuse d’Or French Team has the full support of Elle & Vire Professionnel since its creation in 2013 and we will be present to each key moment before and during the competition final, which will take place in Lyon on the 26th and 27th of September 2021.

You can find the Chef’s Talk on IGTV on @elleetvirepro and @elleetvirepro_france Instagram accounts.

About Davy Tissot:

A sport’s enthusiast since his childhood, Davy Tissot started by sport’s studies, which he had to end because of an injury. Being good with his hands, he then thought about becoming a cabinetmaker, but eventually he chose to turn to cooking. Since he lives in Lyon, the gastronomy Capital, it seems like a logical choice.

After a training course at Vénissieux’s Hotel School, it is none other than Mister Paul Bocuse that gives him his first commis chef job, where Davy discovers the food service industry. After Paul Bocuse, he works his way up step by step while passing through Bruno at Lorgues, Pullman Hôtel Part-Dieu, La Rotonde next to Jacques Maximin, Le Château des Bagnols with Philippe Lechat and L’Auberge des Cimes.

In 2004, Davy Tissot gains his title of Best Craftman of France and soon after becomes the Chef at la Villa Florentine and director at Terrasses de Lyon.

A few years later, in 2010 he obtains the title of “Grand Chefs Relais & Château”.

Today and since 2016 he is the chef and teacher at the restaurant Saisons of the Paul Bocuse Institute in Ecully. There he shares his experience and his passion to future generations.

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