Christmas at Fontainebleau, with our Ambassador Frédéric Cassel

This year, Frédéric Cassel takes his customers on a journey to the land of Santa Claus with a very festive, colourful collection with all the attributes and symbols of this period: the letter to Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, snowmen, the famous and iconic red hat... 

This 2020 collection includes 3 desserts and 6 logs, including the Log Lettre au Père Noël composed of a roll cake, a Breton shortbread, a coulis of crushed strawberries and a vanilla mascarpone cream made from Elle & Vire Professional®'s Sublime Mascarpone Cream.

Brand ambassador since 2013, Frédéric Cassel has participated in the co-development of Sublime, a speciality based on cream and mascarpone, with the chefs of La Maison de l'Excellence Savencia ®, to meet the requirements of its pastries and in particular the Saint-Honoré pastries that adorn its shop windows every weekend of the year.

Based in Fontainebleau since 1994, the chef's creations are in his image, delicate and generous, authentic and joyful. They surprise with their fragrances: lily of the valley macaroons to celebrate spring, sunny tomato, strawberry and basil macaroons, or the sparkling Champagne macaroon awarded the "2008 Innovation Prize". 

In 26 years, Frédéric Cassel has succeeded in creating iconic pastries such as his Saint-Honoré, whose flavours and fruit combinations change with each season, or Ichigo (strawberry in Japanese), a customer with an eye for an excellent strawberry harvested near Fontainebleau but also for his love of Japan.

But his success also lies in the spirit of his company, which has a real family spirit where young pastry chefs evolve and have the freedom to propose their creations to the chef. Creations which are put forward each month in a magazine published and distributed in the shop in order to communicate on the pastries of the month and to highlight his collaborators.

Putting people at the centre...the secret of a beautiful house in Fontainebleau but also the values we have shared with our ambassador for the past 7 years.


Portrait of Frédéric Cassel : 

After 2 years at Paul Manu in Paris to learn the art of sugar, Frederic Cassel continued his career as a pastry chef at Fauchon for 6 years to explore the paths of “Haute Pâtisserie” with his friend Pierre Hermé. 

In 1994, Frederic Cassel moved to Fontainebleau, where he could give free rein to his creativity and talent. The renowned pastry chef can find these inspirations in the nature and the forest of Fontainebleau, which adjoins his shop and establishes relationships with producers in the region, notably a strawberry grower. 

His development also continues in Japan, North Africa and Germany where they open pastries, tea rooms and chocolate sales corners.

His international career is marked by the presidency of the Relais Dessert International association of which he was president for 15 years, but also by the victory of the French World Pastry Championship team in 2013 for which he was the coach. 

Since 2020, he has been reunited with his lifelong friend, Pierre Hermé, in the World Pastry Cup committee as Vice-President of the competition.

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