The Ice Roll: a new icy trend

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Dedicated spots such as 10 Below Ice Cream, in New York City, USA1, pop-up stores as the one that opened in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris, France, for the summer2; culinary workshops offered by caterers to add a touch of boldness to their summer spreads… For the last few months, the Ice Roll has been at the forefront in New York and San Francisco, USA, as much as in London, UK, Barcelona, Spain, Paris, France or even Dubai in the UAE. In Paris, the prestigious Mandarin Oriental honours the Ice Roll in its summer Sunday brunch thanks to Thierry Marx’s enthusiasm for the trend3. Why is it so coveted? Displayed in a cup, this iced wrap is part of the snacking trend and offers an experience that combines pleasure for the taste buds and the eyes!


Imported from Thailand where street food is constantly reinventing how we eat, ice in rolls is customized and made in a minute with fresh and quality products. A thin layer of milk or cream is spread on a metal plate frozen at -30°C. The ice is instantly immobilized thus allowing to make rolls out of it with a metal spatula. Then it can be decorated with all sorts of toppings: fresh fruits, chocolate, caramel, dulce de leche, dry fruits…

Seduced by the Ice Roll’s aesthetics, Chefs adapt it to their menus. Switzerland chocolate winner of 2015, Géraldine Müller Maras created a sour gourmet version with granny smith apple and meringue. The Ice Roll also has savoury options. Discover innovations with foie gras, truffle, salmon… For instance, the owner of Monsieur Marius, establishment located in Toulouse, Chef Nicolas Brousse incorporates the ice roll to his onion soup and brings freshness to his octopus’ dish with a cucumber dill iced wrap., The Ice Roll allows Chefs to play with flavours, textures and presentation and will likely carve itself a position of honour within the menu of many establishments!


1 10 Below Ice Cream, 132 Allen St, NY 10002; 10 Mott St, NY 10013; 136-17 39th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354 U.S.A.

2 iceRoll, 7 rue de Turenne, 75004 Paris

3 Until August 14 at the Mandarin Oriental, 251 rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris

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