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Cooking cream sour taste

Discover all the good taste of fresh sour cream in a long life cooking cream for both hot and cold uses.

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Its assets :


- Good fresh sour cream taste.


- Unctuous texture : semi-thick & smooth for indulgent cold uses.


- Excellent performance both hot and cold : coats well and stable in a bain-marie.


- Convenient : long life, hygienic and pourable.


Its applications :


- Hot : pasta sauces, with fish, with meat and also in soups


- Cold : salad dressing, as a side or a dip with vegetables, potatoes, meat.


Can also be used in tacos thanks to its ideal texture.



Discover more about its assets and uses.

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Thanks to its dairy know-how, Elle & Vire Professionnel® continues to reinvent itself to offer you the cream of the crop: innovative products that ally authenticity with functionality.

And what could be more authentic than crème fraîche or sour cream? Their fresh flavour and unctuous texture lend depth to dishes. That is why in 2023, Elle & Vire Professionnel® is launching the Cooking Cream Sour Taste, the missing link between the authenticity of a fresh product and the convenience of UHT. Made in Normandy with 100% French milk, this cream is endorsed by Pierre Gagnaire, multi-starred Michelin Chef and Elle & Vire Professionnel® sponsor.

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