Mother’s Day

Throughout the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated. However, the date, traditions, and cultures vary from country to country.
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In some countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on a fixed date such as in Panama (8 December), but for some countries, it is a date that varies from year to year such as Luxembourg (second Sunday in June).

Thus the date of Mother’s Day varies from one country to another, but the majority of them have chosen to celebrate it in May. Indeed, many countries chose on May 10 (Germany, China, Brazil, the United States, etc.) or on the 2nd Sunday in May (Japan, Peru, the Netherlands, Venezuela, etc.)


During this day, mothers are honored. In most western countries, children offer their mothers flowers, cards, gifts and of course a good family meal.

All over the world, this celebration also represents a family moment, an opportunity to gather around a good meal.


Are you looking for good ideas to please your mom?

To start the day, nothing better than to prepare a breakfast served in bed! 

Would you like to show him how much cream is in your eyes? Then we have selected the ideal recipe. And finally, give her flowers for dessert.


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