A strong international presence

Elle & Vire’s international stance is not recent: since the 1960s, the brand has been seeking to develop sales in France and worldwide. This international desire has been consolidated over the years to become a major developmental strand for the business.

True expertise in export

The expertise of a Normandy creamery

Over the years, Elle & Vire has developed an offer of differentiated products, developed specifically for the international markets: product innovation is a driver to renew consumer interest. Furthermore, the site at Condé-sur-Vire is regularly audited and has been awarded the most vigorous French and international certifications to guarantee safety, traceability and quality for our clients. Our expertise in the UHT process and in aseptic packaging is a key asset in responding to the constraints of major exportation.

Expertise in regulations and logistics

Did you know? More than 3,500 containers pass through Condé-sur-Vire each year to be transported by ship from Le Havre or by truck to more than 120 countries around the world. This means that we must be familiar with the regulatory constraints of the countries that import our products, as well as completely understanding the document packages needed to export our products almost 7 days a week.

A commercial team, expert in its markets

More than thirty people are needs to cover over 120 countries. Based in France or locally in one of our strategic countries, this team identifies potential markets for our Elle & Vire products, in both retail and professional areas.

French quality: a global reference

The Eiffel Tower, the French icon by excellence!

Did you know? The Eiffel Tower has been on the Elle & Vire international packaging since 1997. Elle & Vire can be very difficult for a foreigner to pronounce and it can be easier to communicate using the French image of our products.

French cookery and baking

They are the reference throughout the world. Demonstrated by emblematic chefs such as Paul Bocuse or Pierre Gagnaire, elected the best Michelin starred chef in January 2015, and of course, the pastry chefs are not to be left behind, with Pierre Hermé elected the best pastry chef in the word in June 2016.

Superior quality

Just being French is not enough The quality and the finesse of our products must be irreproachable and superior. Made with fresh milk (and not milk powder like some foreign competitors), our products are unanimously recognised for their finesse and for their superior functionality. A team of culinary advisers travel throughout the world to demonstrate this.

A presence on 5 continents

An impressive network of local distributors

Over time, an impressive network of local distributors has been established. These are long-term partnerships that allow each market leader to have a quality contact who imports our products but also distributes them in that country either for the general retail or for professional use.

A recognised brand

From Jakarta to Dubai, via Haiti, or Dakar, Sydney or La Reunion, Elle & Vire can be found in the supermarkets.

The reference for food professionals and chefs

Elle & Vire is the most exported French cream in the world. For a pastry chef or cook, working with Elle & Vire, is being able to rely on a brand and on products that have superior functionality as a guarantee... It’s also the chosen cream for the most prestigious competitions (Bocuse d’Or, Asian Pastry Cup, MOF competitions...).