Elle & Vire
and the chefs

Chefs, from brasseries to Michelin starred restaurants, like Pierre Gagnaire, world's best chef in 2015, and Christophe Michalak, world pastry champion in 2005, place their confidence in the Excellence Elle & Vire Professionel cream. The origins of this Excellence lie in an historic creamery expertise, a unique region and, above all, the passion of the people... And now, a place of inspiration and training...

A unique place full of ideas

The Maison de l'Excellence is a place for creativity and for passing on, open to professionals from France and abroad. It can be found close to Paris at Viroflay, 2 kilometres from the Chateau de Versailles. It is a convivial, welcoming place made up of several cooking and pastry laboratories equipped with the latest equipment, thanks to our many partnerships.
It is dedicated supporting French and international professionals but also to the handing on of knowledge of and Elle & Vire expertise to the wider public (professionals or food lovers).

A passionate team to continue Excellence!

Ten chefs, in France, China and on the zone, supervised by Sébastien Faré, Michelin starred chef, in the kitchen and Nicolas Boussin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, in pastry, contribute to the dynamism and influence of this place.

Inspiration, training, innovation

The main missions of The Maison de la crème are to transmit our knowledge and product expertise, to support professionals with practical and technical advice, to develop classic or more creative recipes with our product ranges, to organise individual or group training courses for professionals or for food lovers and to consider the innovations of tomorrow, together with professionals.

Top chefs, customers, internal teams or simply amateur food lovers have all understood the major role that cream and butter play in their creations.

Professional area

40 years of innovation

The first uht carton

In 1975, Elle & Vire sold its first carton of UHT cream. A major technological advance that led to high expectations for cream.
The search for Excellence began!


The reason Excellence has been so successful (65% of French Michelin-starred chefs use Excellence cream and it is also the most exported French cream in the world) is because it has been made with the same passion for 40 years. Elle & Vire has not stopped innovating for the last 40 years in order to meet the expectations of chefs. Elle & Vire’s most recent creation: Sublime cream, a mix of Excellence cream and mascarpone."

40 years of excellence

The story of a unique relationship

Excellence is trusted by chefs, in France and internationally, due to its unmatched performance under all circumstances.

For cooking

Perfectly consistent for use all year round
A taste and delicacy which enhances the flavour and enables a 15% to 20% reduction of the recipe’s main ingredient
Remarkable traceability for alcohol and acidic ingredients

For pastry

An unparalleled expansion rate
An exceptional stability, no risk of collapse or becoming watery for 24 hours at 4°C
A smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture, ideal for very even creations
Resistant to deep freezing and thawing


Elle & Vire Professionnel and its French and international partners: a history of loyalty

The brand which supports chefs throughout their careers. To support them at each stage and surpass their expectations, the brand maintains special partnerships with schools, professional associations and competitions of global stature.


Associations and training schools

Professional area