Everyone knows that in Normandy, cream is sacred! Elle & Vire is well-established in the heart of Normandy in France, where it uses all of its dairy know-how to manufacture its French creams. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to understand what cream is and how to use it in your cooking and pastry-making to add a French touch to your recipes.



Do you know how cream is made? How milk becomes cream? That cream has many nutritional advantages? No? Then, this is the section for you! In it, you’ll discover a compendium of knowledge about dairy cream, the regulations concerning cream, the different types of cream and where you can find them in store.

Our cream


Did you know that Elle & Vire makes over 9 different kinds of cream? These vary in texture (liquid, semi-thick or thick), preservation and fat content (full fat, light or extra-light). The choice is yours!
A full fat cream to make Chantilly cream? A semi-thick cream to make a sauce for pouring over a pasta dish?

Well using


Do you know the 5 reasons for using cream to make pastries or in cooking? Did you know that for cold or hot uses, not all creams are equal?
If you answered no, then this is the section for you. You’ll learn, for example, the right cream to choose for creating Chantilly and the right cream for making a pasta sauce.



Cream is a key part of pastry-making as well as French cooking! So then, wouldn’t it be best to know how to use it properly?
Sometimes having a little extra skill helps a lot… for example, not ruining a Chantilly cream or making it too sweet, and knowing how to use a piping bag. Want to learn more? Our explanations of over 15 chef techniques are waiting to be discovered!