Our butters - Soft & light

Soft & Extra Light 75% fat free

Soft & Extra Light dairy fat spread 20% fat

A range of reduced-fat products, perfect for enjoyment and good health. With a delicious buttery taste, our reduced-fat range is a source of vitamins A, D and E.
250 g
  • Ingredients

    Water, milk fat, modified starch E1422, lactose, maltodextrin, emulsifiers : E471, E746, salt, calcium lactate, milk proteins, preservative, colour , vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E

Average <br />nutritional values
nutritional values
  • Energy

    876 kJ

    212 kcal
  • Fat (of which saturates)

    20 g

    12 g
  • Carbohydrate (of which sugar)

    7.8 g

  • Fibre

    0 g

  • Protein

    0.2 g

  • Salt

    0.2 g