It takes the right raw material to make the best butter. Thanks to its Normandy know-how, Elle & Vire offers you great French butters. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to understand what butter is, how we make it and how to use it in your cooking and pastry-making to add a French touch to your recipes.



Do you know how butter is made? How milk becomes cream and cream becomes butter? That butter has many nutritional advantages? Then, this is the section for you!
In it, you’ll discover a compendium of knowledge about butter, the regulations concerning butter, its nutritional qualities and the different types of butter, etc.

Our butter


These butters vary in: texture (spreadable or hard), taste (unsalted or slightly salted), packaging (roll, tub or pack, etc.) and fat content (regular butter is 82% fat, reduced fat butter is 60%, and light butter is 21% to 41%) ... the choice is yours. We love the gourmet butter.

Well using


Do you know the 5 reasons for using butter to make pastries or in cooking? Did you know that for cold or hot uses, not all butters are equal? And that your choice of butter is essential to successful homemade puff pastry? No... Well then, to avoid a recipe failure, and to choose your butter with expert knowledge, Elle & Vire can advise and help you to choose the right butter to achieve the best possible result.



Butter is a key part of pastry-making as well as French cooking! So then, wouldn’t it be best to know how to use it properly? Sometimes having a little extra skill helps a lot … knowing how make clarified butter or a beurre noisette, as well as avoiding a disastrous puff pastry or butter cream. Interested in learning more? Our explanations of some six chef’s techniques are waiting to be discovered!