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Excellence Whipping Cream 35% FAT

Ideal for piping, whipping and incorporation, the Excellence Cream (35.1% fat) is deliciously creamy

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Elle & Vire Excellence Whipping Cream (35% fat) ensures consistent, stable results throughout the year. Born from a 70 years old Norman dairy savoir-faire, this cream is for use both in cooking and pastry making. Quick to thicken with great hold (no collapsing or seeping), the Excellence whipping Cream (35% fat) has an excellent whipping rate throughout the year (2.7 L on average) and is particularly good at bringing out different flavours, making it an indispensable ingredient for all of your dishes.
.Available in 1L brik and 10L bag in box.

Recognized with awards
Médaille d'Or 2009 Médaille d'Or 2010 Médaille d'Argent 2012
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