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by Zoé Armbruster Food stylist Crédit photo: Blaise Gargadennec

Recipe Roasted vegetables with spiced Greek sauce

Cooking : 40 min.
Resting : 10 min.
4 persons

To prepare this dish

Ingredient list
The vegetables
1 big cauliflower
Coriander leaf
Pomegranate seeds
olive oil
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 teaspoon coriander powder
1 teaspoon sumac
2 pods garlic
4 teaspoon zataar
4 eggplants
mint leaves
The sauce
2 pots Mon Grec plain
1 cuillère à soupe cumin
1 cuillère à soupe coriandre hachée
1 cuillère à soupe chopped mint
lemon juice
olive oil

The recipe,
step by step

  1. 1

    The vegetables

    Preheat oven to 200°C, and line two baking trays with baking paper.

    Wash and cut the eggplants in half lenghtwise. Use a knife to cut a grid pattern in the flesh. Place them, open side up, on one of the baking tray.

    Press a piece of garlic into each eggplant half. Add salt, sprinkle with zaartar and drizzle with oil. 

    Place in the oven for 40 minutes until the eggplant flesh has browned and melted. Be careful not to burn the spices.

    In the meantime, wash and cut the cauliflower florets. In a bowl, mix the zaatar, cumin seeds, sumac and coriander powder with 4 tablespoons of olive oil.

    Spread the cauliflower on the second baking tray and brush it with the spice oil mixture. Season with salt.

    Place in the oven for 30 minutes, turning halfway through cooking.

    Once cooked, remove the vegetables from the oven. Leave to cool for 10 minutes and then sprinkle with Greek sauce, pomegranate, mint leaves and coriander before eating.

  2. 2

    The sauce

    In a bowl, add the pots Elle & Vire® Mon Grec plain, spices, olive oil and herbs. Mix everything together.

    Arrange the sauce over the roasted vegetables.

A few words about the author…

Zoé Armbruster

French-American, Zoé Armbruster is a culinary stylist and author of several books, particularly around healthy cooking. After living for 7 years in California, Zoé moved to Paris in 2016 to follow a cooking course at the Ferrandi school before creating the culinary production studio Zoé & Blaise.