Ophélie Barès, all about the taste

In Paths of Excellence, the Chef Ophélie Barès invites us to a tasty travel around seasonal fruit.
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How do you define yourself as a Chef?

I began pastry making at the age of 18, after graduating from high school. I got my diploma at the Ferrandi culinary institute, then went on to have different experiences at luxury hotels before taking on my first position as Pastry Chef at the 1-star Auberge du Jeu de Paume and then in a pastry shop with Christophe Michalak. I opened my own pastry shop « Encore » in 2023, at Asnières-Sur-Seine.

How do you combine indulgence with the commitment “Feeding people better”?

I think that “Feeding people better” should be at the heart of what a Chef prepares on a daily basis. When you think about “Feeding people better”, indulgence still has its place. We make desserts for pleasure. And I think that with Excellence Whipping Cream in particular, we are able to obtain that roundness that is so pleasurable when you savour the dessert.

What is the role of Excellence Whipping Cream in your lab?

The product is the starting point of any creation. I, for one, respect seasonality. I respect what nature gives me to work with at that given moment. Currently, it’s the season for mirabelle plums and figs with the arrival of autumn.

What is most important to me is to balance the ingredient I have chosen with the Excellence Whipping Cream. The idea is to make a dessert that harmoniously combines the two, both as far as textures and flavours are concerned. It’s very important for me that my cream and butter supplier share the same values as I have. I have been using Excellence Whipping Cream since I began in the field, so it has been 17 years now. It is a partnership that goes quite far back. I think this cream is a unique product on the market.

The Excellence Whipping Cream is a reliable product with flavours that remind us where it comes from. Its Norman terroir gives the cream real identity. And that’s what I like, especially since my grandmother is from Normandy, so this cream really strikes a chord with me.

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