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Elle & Vire Professionnel is proud to announce the new partnership formed with Espaisucre, a pastry school located in the center of Barcelona in Spain.

Espaisucre, created by Jordi Butrón and Xano Saguer aims at providing high-quality training in restaurant-style making dessert addressed to students looking beyond a mathematical pastry-making style, but who are rather looking for something more, bringing them the knowledge of raw ingredients and the knowledge of traditional but also state of the art techniques from all around the world

The school believes that respect to tradition is an ingredient to progress, and they have now chosen to work with Elle & Vire, rooted in Normandy, France since 1945, which provides chefs with a wide range of creams, butters, cheeses and dessert bases designed to meet their needs thanks to their technical performances.

Espaisucre School has broadened its range of expertise and now provides a consultancy and demonstration service, for help on menus for example, in Spain and all around the world.

Discover more on the Espaisucre on their website: and on Facebook:

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