Edwin Sœryadjaya : Interview with a pastry virtuoso

At first, Chef Edwin Sœryadjaya was aiming for a career in mechanics. But he became a Pastry Chef by vocation. He discovered it when attending Le Cordon Bleu in Australia, where he got a sound technical training and became passionate about his work.
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Tell us about your career.

After getting a bachelor in business eco­nomics and finance in Singapore in 2011, I seriously thought about going for mechanics, but I was worried I would get tired of it. Becoming a Pastry Chef? Why not! But I needed to study because I had no knowledge on the subject, even if I had always watched my mother making bread at home. So, I applied at Le Cordon Bleu Australia to learn the ropes. That’s where my passion for pastry began! There, I found the precision I loved in mechanics. After my training, I worked in a local pastry shop for a year. Then, I returned to Indonesia. I spent three years at the Prima Rasa Bakery & Pastry – a traditional pastry shop – before opening Ambrogio Pâtisserie in 2017 in Bandung, my hometown.

What is your signature pastry ?

I do not really have a signature pastry simply because the concept doesn’t make sense in Bandung, where traditional American cakes are fan-favorites. I try to introduce new textures and new tastes to those who come through the doors of my pastry shop. For instance, I began offering coffee and chocolate desserts. I also love hazelnuts which bring a very interesting roasted taste.

How do you reconcile taste and presentation ?

Taste is always the most important. I am very attached to products’ naturality: it guarantees the genuine “authentic” taste which we want to find in our plates. Obviously, it is imperative to work on presentation: the tastiest cake in the world needs to look the part to make people want to try it!

What does it mean to be an Elle & Vire Professionnel® ambassador for you?

My story with Elle & Vire Professionnel® began when I met Ivan Dobrowolski, who was the sales person for Elle & Vire®. He came to see me three times before the opening of Ambrogio Pâtisserie. I was immediately struck by the brand and its values which I share. As an ambassador, I inform, I make the products known, I share my tricks…The products I use most are the Elle & Vire® Gourmet Butter with 82% fat and the Excellence Whipping Cream 35% fat. For me, working with Elle & Vire Professionnel® ensures a genuine security because its products offer consistent quality all year long. Both authentic and rich in taste: they are unparalleled!­ I also enjoy the fact that the brand is a true creativity booster through its Chefs’ support program: for example, I had the opportunity to meet Nicolas Boussin, France Best pastry craftman MOF 2000 (Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtisserie 2 000), who is a very inspiring Chef!

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