Meet Giambattista Montanari

Pastry Chef at La Maison de l’Excellence Savencia®
Career path
Giambattista Montanari was born and raised in Romagna, located on the Northern Italian coast. He started his career as a confectioner in 1979 and refined his expertise for 10 years before opening two pastry shops. Driven by his passion, he has collected, through the time, several prizes while participating in many prestigious contests, both national and international, reflecting his know-how and creativity potential. ​

Since 2007, he has been working at Corman as a Demonstrator Chef, showing everyday his love for Corman butters. He has been able to gain the distributors’ as well as the customers’ trust while hosting one to one training sessions and collective pastry courses. Giambattista does not miss any opportunity to share his experience and knowledge, giving advices and starting points. ​

​Giambattista, full of creativity, has been working with curiosity, getting inspired by everything that surrounds him. He has always been a promoter of quality, constantly improving production techniques and experiencing ingredients chemistry to the proper balance in all of his recipes. Through the years, Giambattista Montanary has gained great skills to become one important representative of the pastry-bread making industry in Italy. All of his passion has brought to life his book « pH 4.1 scienza ed artigianalità della pasta lievitata », « Leavened dough’s science and craftsmanship » in English, which was awarded in 2015 as the best Italian professional book, winner of the prestigious Gourmand Awards and awarded as the best professional book of the world in 2016. In 2020, he completes his second book: “Omnia Fermenta. Tecnologia degli impasti lievito madre.”
Guilty pleasure
“They are two: a tasty slice of panettone and the tiramisu.”
Best memory of his career
The study and the creation of the wedding cake and sweets of his daughter.
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