Meet Benjamin De Closets

Pastry Chef at La Maison de l’Excellence
Career path
Originally from the Val d'Oise, Benjamin de Closets has always
preferred sweet to savory. When he left school, he wanted to find a
stimulating job with multiple possibilities: that's when he turned to
pastry making.
After obtaining his CAP and an additional qualification, he joined
Yann Couvreur's team. Afterwards, he discovered another facet of
pastry-making: palace pastry-making, at the Peninsula. He has always
been interested in the world of luxury (haute couture, cars...) and his
integration at the Peninsula remains his best memory. He stayed for
three years, working with Dominique Costa and Christophe Raoux (MOF
2015), and climbed the ladder to become chef de partie. During this

experience, his missions were diverse, but he notably created a pre-
dessert composed of a baba soaked in a Buddha hand syrup and a

verbena granita.
He also worked at the Westin in Paris as Chef de Partie, where he
assisted Florence Lesage.
In May 2022, Benjamin joined the House of Excellence Savencia®.
Alongside Nicolas Boussin (MOF 2000), he elaborates innovative recipes
and participates in the development of new products. Sharing of his
know-how and constant learning stimulate him on a daily basis.
Favourite childhood dessert
« My mom’s chocolate fondant cake ! »
Guilty pleasure
« Cookies ! Simple but so good »
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