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To make this dish

Ingredient list
Etienne biscuit
125 g flour
52 g honey
90 g beurre Gastronomique doux Elle&Vire professionnel ®
250 g milk
10 g liquid vanilla
100 g egg yolk
155 g eggs
230 g egg white
110 g sugar
Qs strawberry red food colouring
Guava and mango compote
500 g guava puree
500 g mango cut into cubes
2 g xanthan gum
15 g sugar
15 g dextrose
50 g lime juice
203 g Hydrated gelatine (29 g gelatine + 174 g water)
Glucose meringue
46 g glucose syrup
30 g egg whites
Lemongrass mascarpone mousse
125 g Crème Excellence Elle & Vire Professionnel ®
50 g finely chopped lemongrass
40 g egg yolk
25 g sugar
1,5 g lemon zest
52,5 g Hydrated gelatine (7,5 g gelatine + 45 g water)
50 g white chocolate
200 g Crème au Mascarpone Elle & Vire
100 g Elle & Vire Professionnel® Excellence Whipping Cream, whipped
75 g meringue glucosée
Almond streusel
85 g beurre Gastronomique doux Elle&Vire professionnel ®
36 g Original American Cream Cheese
110 g T55 flour
120 g sugar
120 g ground almonds
2 g salt
Reconstituted shortbread
300 g Streusel amande
200 g Opalys chocolate melted
100 g chopped cranberries
Decorative elderflower cream
70 g milk
110 g Elderflower syrup (Monin brand)
52,5 g Hydrated gelatine (7,5 g gelatine + 45 g water)
150 g Crème au Mascarpone Elle & Vire
650 g Crème Excellence Whipping 35,1%
Guava glaze
1000 g neutral glaze
100 g guava puree
Qs strawberry red food colouring
Pink chocolate
200 g Valrhona Inspiration raspberry chocolate ®
50 g white chocolate
30 g cocoa butter
Sublime cream
500 g Crème au Mascarpone Elle & Vire
40 g sugar
QS de poudre vanille
The fine products from Elle & Vire

The recipe,
step by step

  1. 1

    Etienne biscuit

    Boil the milk, butter, honey, vanilla extract. In a mixing bowl, mix together the egg yolks, eggs and sifted flour. Pour the boiling liquid onto the mixture.
    Heat in a saucepan in order to thicken it without boiling. Blend in a food processor.
    Fold in the whisked egg whites with the sugar and food colouring. Spread 1100 g on a Flexipat®. Bake at 170°C for approximately 17 minutes in a fan-assisted oven on a lined baking sheet. When removing from the oven, turn over and chill in the refrigerator without removing the Flexipat®.
  2. 2

    Guava and mango compote

    Heat the guava purée and lime juice with the dextrose to 60°C. Add the hydrated gelatine and he xanthan gum melted with sugar. Mix then add the mango cubes.
    Pour the compote in a half-frame then freeze.
  3. 3

    Glucose meringue

    Heat all the ingredients to 40°C in a bain marie, then whip with a hand mixer.
  4. 4

    Lemongrass mascarpone mousse

    Heat the cream and infuse it with the finely chopped lemongrass overnight. Make a traditional custard cooked to 82°C. Pass the hydrated gelatine, lemon zest and white chocolate through a sieve. Make an emulsion and add the mascarpone. At 25°C, add the whipped cream and glucose meringue.
  5. 5

    Almond streusel

    Mix all the ingredients together in a hand mixer with the K-beater, knead on the minimum setting. Pass through a sieve with a large mesh. Bake on a Silpain® at 140°C
    for 20 minutes.
  6. 6

    Reconstituted shortbread

    Mix all of the ingredients together
  7. 7

    Decorative elderflower cream

    Boil the milk with the syrup. Add the hydrated gelatine and the mascarpone. Add the cream whilst mixing. Place in the refrigerator.
  8. 8

    Guava glaze

    Boil all of the ingredients together. Pass through a sieve and spray a thin coat of the glaze.
  9. 9

    Pink chocolate

    Melt all the ingredients together at 35°C.
  10. 10

    Sublime cream

    Whip all the ingredients with a whisk.
  11. 11


    Cut out the sponge, using a Matfer® , oblong mould. Spread 90 g of reconstructed shortbread in the same oblong mould lined with acetate and place the sponge on top. Pipe 65 g of the lemongrass mousse. Add the centre and smooth 25 g of lemongrass mousse over the top. Place in the
    freezer. Pipe the decorative elderflower cream to the top of the acetate using a smooth nozzle, then press on it gently using a sheet of acetate. Freeze and coat the entremets with the guava glaze.
    Pipe dots of sublime cream on the pastries
  12. 12


    On a 3.5 cm high strip of acetate, apply the pink chocolate using a brush.
    Spread a fine layer of crystallised white chocolate. Then, apply it to the edges of the pastry.
    Make fine feathers of white chocolate using the tip of a knife. Then, curve them using a log mould

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