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Ingredient list
Madeleine biscuit sponge with cinnamon
250 g eggs
175 g brown sugar
90 g honey
250 g T55 flour
10 g baking powder
5 g ground cinnamon
2,5 g salt
225 g beurre doux
Christmas jelly
440 g orange juice
440 g tangerine juice
440 g muscat
3 vanilla beans
4 cloves
7 star anis
28 pink peppercorns
3 g mint leaves
50 g fresh ginger, finely chopped
220 g sugar
44 g starch
33 g gelatine powder (200 Blooms)
198 g water for dissolving the gelatine
165 g candied orange, cut into pieces
165 g currants
Italian meringue
130 g sugar
40 g water
35 g glucose
1 lemon peel
130 g egg whites
Creamy mousse
180 g sugar
600 g Original American Cream Cheese 34% FAT
600 g Crème épaisse 35% FAT
24 g gelatine
144 g water for dissolving the gelatine
1000 g Excellence Whipping Cream 35% FAT
220 g Italian meringue
Tangerine glaze
100 g orange juice
red food coloring
110 g water for dissolving the gelatine
18 g gelatine
2 g citric acid solution
200 g sugar
10 g inverted sugar
6 g NH pectin
66 g water
130 g mandarin pulp
yellow food colouring
Sublime Cream
500 g Sublime, Cream with Mascarpone
40 g sugar
1 vanilla pod
dark chocolate
Powder bread spices
Gold powder
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The recipe,
step by step

  1. 1

    Madeleine biscuit sponge with cinnamon

    Recipe for 1 Flexipat® (1 000 g)

    Combine the eggs, sugar and honey. Add the flour, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. Add the butter melted at 50°C (122°F). Spread 1 000 g into a Flexipat® and sprinkle over the chopped pecan nuts. Bake in a fan-assisted oven at 180°C (356°F) for approximately 10 mn. Cool then cut into 6 cm squares. Or pipe (20 g) into a greased 6 cm square ring mould sprinkled with chopped pecan nuts and bake in a fan-assisted oven at 180°C (356°F) for approximately 7 mn.

  2. 2

    Christmas jelly

    Bring the juices and the muscat to the boil. Add the vanilla, cloves, star anis, pink peppercorns, finely chopped mint and ginger. Leave to infuse for 15 mn. Strain through a china cap sieve. Add the starch that has been diluted with the sugar and bring to the boil. Add the dissolved gelatine. Add the candied orange and currants. Let the mixture set a little before pouring 2 000 g into a Flexipat®. Freeze. Cut out using a 5 cm diameter pastry cutter.

  3. 3

    Italian meringue

    Heat the water, sugar, glucose and lemon zest to 117°C (243°F) and pour onto the whisked egg whites to make an Italian meringue.

  4. 4

    Creamy mousse

    Combine the sugar, Cream Cheese and Crème Fraîche Epaisse. Add the dissolved, softened gelatine. At 33°C (91°F), add the whipped cream then the Italian meringue.

  5. 5

    Tangerine glaze

    Heat the orange juice, tangerine puree and water to 40°C (104°F). Add the pectin, which has been diluted with the sugar, and inverted sugar. Bring to the boil. Add the citric acid solution, dissolved gelatine and food colouring. Refrigerate to rest. Use at 30°C (86°F).

  6. 6

    Sublime Cream

    Whisk all the ingredients together. 

  7. 7


    Pipe the creamy mousse into the moulds. Add the Christmas compote insert. Smooth then freeze. Remove the mould and glaze. 

  8. 8


    Pipe the Sublime cream onto the entremets then add chocolate triangles which have been cut out between two acetate guitar sheets. Sprinkle with gingerbread powder rolled in gold powder. 

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