Some history

70 years of existence

In December 1945, Auguste Grandin, a French farmer and mayor of Condé-sur-Vire in Normandy, created the butter-producing agricultural cooperative of the Elle & Vire valleys. This new cooperative grouped together 17 farmers.

Auguste Grandin From collecting farm-produced butter, the cooperative gradually progressed to collecting dairy cream to make pasteurised butter, as of 1948. The sale of products made in Condé-sur-Vire spread nationally, with a presence in the covered markets in Paris and the main cities of France.

Based on this growth, the current site at Condé-sur-Vire was inaugurated in November 1950. In December 1954, new cooperatives joined Elle & Vire and became the Union Laitière Normande (ULN) in 1962. Industrial organisation also continued to develop: the milk producers refocused purely on milk production with the centralisation of all processing in Condé-sur-Vire (cream, butter and also milk powder).

Auguste Grandin
1945 Creation of the butter-producing agricultural cooperative
of the Elle & Vire valleys
Visite de Charles de Gaulle
General de Gaulle's visit to the Condé-sur-Vire site in July 1960 was evidence of the fame and industrial power of the Elle & Vire brand in the national gastronomic heritage.

A success that quickly crossed borders, because in 1975 ULN became the number one milk exporter in France. In 1992, all the industrial and commercial assets of ULN were taken over by Bongrain SA, a French family cheese-making group and integrated into the Compagnie Laitière Européenne (a subsidiary created for the takeover); the company ELVIR was founded on 1 January 1993. In France, in Europe and throughout the world it produces and sells creams, butters, yoghurts and UHT dessert creams, mostly sold under the Elle & Vire brand.

In 2013, ELVIR strengthened its position by buying the site in Claix in the Poitou-Charentes region, and the Surgères brand, the oldest brand of butter in the Charentes-Poitou PDO.
Supported by the Normandy brand Elle & Vire, there is no doubt that the Surgères brand, very regional until now, will gradually find its place on shelves throughout the whole of France.

In 70 years, Elle & Vire has become a great French brand of dairy products, close to its customers' concerns.

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Innovation in everyday life

A pioneer in numerous technological fields, Elle & Vire has launched many innovative products that have revolutionised the everyday life of consumers and professional users for 70 years:


the first uht milk

the « 8S », which kept for 8 weeks... housewives no longer had to go in search of milk every day!


one of the first uht creams in France

which kept for several weeks rather than just for days... A real revolution for professionals and consumers alike


the first uht dessert cream

ready to serve and no need to put it in the fridge


finally a light butter for cooking...

... with the « Light Butter 41% »!
And for an even lighter spread, Elle & Vire offers the Soft & Light 20%


the first soft butter

creation of the famous Soft Butter, the first butter that is spreadable right out of the fridge


the first uht
crème brûlée

for professional caterers


the first cream pouch

creation of the first cream pouch, a real revolution for all lovers of cooking in search of a practical, fresh solution


the first cooking aids in a pouch

in the chilled section and bringing quality and practicality to everyday life



with the great taste of cream.
Recognised and awarded 5 years in a row at the Concours Général Agricole


whipping cream
and mascarpone

for lovers of whipped creams, for desserts as easy to make as they are delicious


bio range

for gourmet, tasty and organic cuisine