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recipe Monkfish with peppers and tomato

Preparation : 35 min.
Cooking : 1h00
6 people / 6 slices

To make this dish

Ingredient list
The filling
1 kg potatoes
The creamy tomato sauce
20 cl Tomato sauce
10 cl Cooking Cream
2 cloves of garlic
100 g Unsalted Gourmet Butter
salt and peper
2 red peppers
1 bunch new pearl (spring) onions
The papillotes
12 Monkfish medallions
The fine products from Elle & Vire
The utensils needed
Greaseproof paper
Pics en bois

The recipe,
step by step

  1. 1

    The filling

    Preheat the oven to 210°C.

    Peel and slice the potatoes into rounds and cook for 5 minutes in a dish in the microwave with a little water.

    Cut 6 rectangles of greaseproof paper (about 30 x 20cm).

  2. 2

    The creamy tomato sauce

    Wash and trim the peppers and cut into small pieces. Cut the spring onions into slices.

    Chop the garlic cloves. Cook these vegetables on low heat with 100g Elle & Vire unsalted gourmet butter, salt and pepper. Cook for 15 minutes.

    Then add the tomato sauce and Elle & Vire cooking cream. Simmer for a few minutes.

    Put it all in the food mixer.

  3. 3

    The papillotes

    Pour the sauce over the greaseproof paper rectangles.

    Spread the potato rounds on top; salt, pepper, and add a few knobs of butter.

    Salt and pepper the monkfish, place a piece in each papillote before pinning it closed with a cocktail stick.

    Bake for 15 minutes.

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