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Ingredient list
Prune compote
500 g pruneaux
250 g morello cherry purée
250 g raspberry pulp
130 g
55 g icing sugar
55 g egg yolk
20 g Amaretto (facultatif)
2 g baking powder
55 g almond paste 50%
120 g flour
Almond milk
1750 g milk
550 g almond paste
100 g amandes amères ou 60 gouttes d’arôme d’amande amère
Pain de Gênes biscuit
150 g caster sugar
135 g eggs
42 g egg yolk
33 g Amaretto
168 g almond paste 50%
120 g starch
120 g
60 g egg white
20 g sugar
270 g lait d'amande
410 g
1 zest lemon
55 g Amaretto (facultatif)
90 g sugar (A)
145 g egg yolk
25 g sugar (B)
5,5 g pectine X58 (ou 9 g de fécule et 45 g de masse gélatine)
125 g glucose syrup
75 g egg whites
Almond milk mousse
1000 g infusion de lait d'amande
65 g egg yolk
18 g powered gelatine
108 g water for dissolving the gelatine
70 g couverture chocolat inspiration amande Valrhona®
500 g
200 g meringue
Almond milk icing
300 g infusion de lait d'amande
400 g
250 g unsweetened condensed milk
300 g caster sugar
40 g starch
16 g gélatine poudre de poisson
96 g water
150 g white couverture chocolate
Marshmallow and almond milk cream
125 g lait d'amande
6 g gelatine powder (200 Blooms)
36 g water for dissolving the gelatine
200 g
75 g meringue glucosée
White pistol sauce
250 g white chocolate
250 g cocoa butter
Almond Chocolate
300 g white chocolate
15 g grape seed oil
100 g amandes brutes
Sublime Cream
300 g
25 g sugar

The recipe,
step by step

  1. 1

    Prune compote

    Simmer the ingredients, mix together and pass through a sieve. There should be approx. 700 g remaining.
  2. 2


    Beat the butter, icing sugar, egg yolks and amaretto together until frothy. Incorporate the powdered ingredients. Spread to 3mm and chill. Cut into triangles measuring 22 cm by 8.5 cm. Bake between two Silpain® mats at 160°C (320°F) for 17 minutes.
  3. 3

    Almond milk

    Boil the milk and pour over the bitter almonds and the marzipan.
    Mix well and leave to infuse.
  4. 4

    Pain de Gênes biscuit

    Mix together the caster sugar, eggs, yolks and the marzipan. Whisk gently. Incorporate the amaretto, starch and then the warm butter. Whisk whip the egg whites and stiffen with the caster sugar. Spread 750 g of biscuit batter over a Silpat® mat and bake at 190°C (374°F) for about 13 minutes.
  5. 5


    Infuse the lemon zest in the boiling milk. Beat the egg yolk with the sugar (1) until pale. Pass through a chinois. Heat to 65°C (145°F) and add the pectin X58 diluted in the sugar (2). Finish cooking the same as you would for a traditional custard cooked to 82°C (179,6°F). Mix everything together.
  6. 6


    Heat all the ingredients to 40°C(104F). In a bain marie, then whip.
  7. 7

    Almond milk mousse

    Bring the infusion to the boil, then add the whisked egg whites. Add the hydrated gelatine and the chocolate. When it reaches 20°C (68°F), add the cream and the Meringue.
  8. 8

    Almond milk icing

    Boil the almond milk infusion and the cream with the condensed milk. Add the caster sugar, stir in the starch and thicken. Add the hydrated gelatine and pour onto the chocolate. Blend in a food processor and chill. Use at 23°C (73.4°F)..
  9. 9

    Marshmallow and almond milk cream

    Melt the hydrated gelatin with the infusion of almond milk.
    Add the cream and then the meringue. Poach in the Pan Pavoni ® TOP03 ICEBERG The Marshmallow almond milk and freeze.
  10. 10

    White pistol sauce

    Melt the ingredients together at 45 °c.
  11. 11

    Almond Chocolate

    Melt chocolate, add oil and almonds.
    Pour into plastic film and make a cylinder. Let crystallize.
    Make shavings using a mandolin.
  12. 12

    Sublime Cream

    Ride the sublime with the sugar.
  13. 13

    Assembly and Finishing

    Spread on the sheet of Genoa bread 700 g of compote of prunes. Cut it in half and insert a ½ sheet in a 28 cm frame by 37.5 cm and put in the freezer.
    Pour 900 g of crème brûlée into the frame and return to the freezer.
     Close with the second ½ sheet of Genoa bread biscuit. Put it in the freezer.
    Detail inserts of 22 cm by 8.5 cm.
    Poaching 250 g almond milk mousse in thermoformed mussels (23, 5x9, 5x4, 5)
    Place the insert and poach 130 g of foam and close with the shortbread. Put it in the freezer.
    Spray a fine veil of white pistol sauce on the unmolded marshmallow creams.
    Glaze the desserts, glue the chopped almonds on the base and place the cream of marshmallow on the desserts.
    Poach spikes of sublime and deposit chocolate chips with almonds.

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