Elle & Vire Recipes
by Myriam Sabet & François Daubinet

recipe Bon baiser d'Aleph

6 people / 1 slices

To make this dish

Ingredient list
Rich green cardamom cream
125 g
4 g cardamome verte
15 g glucose
0,5 g fleur de sel
1,25 g NH pectin
50 g white chocolate 33%
125 g
Lemon marmalade
130 g fresh lemons
70 g sugar (A)
7 g sugar (B)
1 g NH pectin
Kadaif disc
120 g kadaïf
50 g
100 g sirop à 30°
2 g sugar

The recipe,
step by step

  1. 1

    Rich green cardamom cream

    Bring the cream (1), glucose, salt and the ground cardamom to a simmer.
    Pour over the white chocolate in three goes to better emulsify. Add the
    cooled cream (2). Mix and pass through a chinois. Chill for 24 hours before
  2. 2

    Lemon marmalade

    Blanch the lemons in the water three times, then strain them, slice them,
    remove the pips, add the sugar (1) and cook on a medium heat. Blend a
    little with a hand-held blender, add the pectin NH, mixed in advance with
    the sugar (2), and bring to the boil. Mix again. Store.
  3. 3

    Kadaif disc

    Clarify the butter. Moisten the kadaifs with a little water. Fill a 24 mm
    sandwich tin with the kadaïfs soaked in 30 g of clarified butter. Bake at 175°C
    (347°F).for 35 mins. Pour the sugar syrup evenly over the disc once cooked.
  4. 4

    Assembly and decoration

    Spread the lemon marmalade on the kadaif disc. Using a piping bag fitted
    with a nozzle, pipe drops of rich green cardamom cream. Then, decorate
    with supremed lemon segments and pieces of candied lemons.

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