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A subsidiary of the Savencia Group, the No. 2 French cheese group (including brands such as Caprice des Dieux, Coeur de Lion, Tartare, Chaumes, etc.), Elvir (an Elle & Vire brand) is the market leader for cream and is a key player on the butter market in France.

The company and its values

Elle & Vire has more than 740 employees who work within the headquarters and more than 18,000 colleagues in the group.
740 men and women from diverse cultures and skill levels, mainly based in Normandy and the Paris region, but also throughout France and the whole world.
We share a pride in working for an important economic player in the food industry and in the Normandy region.

We also share the following values:

It is accepting an appreciating the richness and diversity in everyone. It is trying to understand a different point of view without imposing your own opinions. It is understanding the constraints of others. It is demonstrating kindness and courtesy.

It is exercising your responsibilities to the end. It is also the courage to undertake and to initiate. It is being capable of expressing your opinion even if you know it is different from that of the majority. It is also managerial courage, to support employees in difficulty but also to know how to say things when the collaboration does not bring the expected result.

It is to respect truth and to communicate it. It is being both upright and sincere. It is also being able to recognise your mistakes. It is presenting your points of view using objective facts. It is knowing how to recognise what has been achieved and attributing the success to those who deserve it. It is saying what you really think and doing what you say.

It is being loyal to the Elle & Vire company and the Savencia Group. It is also relaying management decisions, whatever your own opinion may be, and putting the group interest first. It is speaking positively about the company externally. It is also respecting the consumer, by providing offers that are fair rather than mercenary.

It is being responsible for your own safety but also that of your colleagues and all the people around us.

To be an Elle & Vire employee also means adopting behaviour on line with these values. A behaviour in which humility, unity and and exemplary nature take a special place. But it is also a state of mind where the desire to take on new challenges and individual responsibility are at the heart of our actions.