Discover the first edition of the World Pastry Cup, China Selection!

An event that takes place on May 10th and 11th in Shanghai, China.

This news is also written in Mandarin Chinese (see text below) 


Elle & Vire Professionnel® is proud to be one Founding Partner of the first edition of the China Pastry Cup – Country Selection of World Pastry Cup, which was held on 10th and 11th May 2017 during Bakery China, Shanghai.


This event, organized by the distributor Sinodis, aims to form the best team possible to represent China at the Asian Pastry Cup, and to bring it to the World Pastry Cup, which takes place every two years in Lyon, France.


Dozens of Professionals from the country were present. 8 Teams were composed of a coach, a chef in charge of the chocolate piece and 15 plated desserts, and a chef in charge of the sugar piece and 3 desserts on the theme of chocolate, and had to compete in technique and creativity to win this contest!


The theme was be "Fusion, the beauty of harmony". Candidates had to show their abilities to create aesthetic and delightful pastries. It was necessary to find the perfect balance!


An exceptional jury presided over this selection. The Honorary President was Gabriel Paillasson, Best Craftsman of France for Pastry and Ice-Cream making. He is especially world-renowned to be the founder of the “Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie”.


The Pastry Chef Eric Perez, ambassador Elle & Vire Professionnel®, who won the silver & bronze medal of the World Pastry Cup, and owner of the Macaron Pastry Training center in Bangkok, Thailand, was named as Jury President.

The other members were the Chinese pastry Master Michael Mei and 8 team coaches.


Our Chef of La Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire®, Nicolas Boussin, Best Craftsman in France for pastry in 2000, was as Commissioner to supervise and encourage all candidates! Representatives of Special Olympics & Business France and numerous sponsors were also present. 

Congratulations to Team Cary, with Coach Cary, from Hilton Hongqiao, and two team members, Paul Zhu from Cream Paul and Sam Zhu from W Hotel on the Bund, 






西点世界杯首届中国甜品锦标赛于2017年5月10日至11日在上海烘焙展举办。Elle & Vire Professionnel® 爱乐薇是本次赛事的创始合作伙伴。



比赛汇聚了 来自中国各地的16名专业西点师,组成8支队伍,各由1名教练带领2位队员参赛:1名队员制作1件巧克力工艺摆件和15份盘饰甜点,另1名队员制作1个糖艺摆件和3个巧克力蛋糕。他们要发挥各自的技能和创造力来赢得比赛!




本次比赛的评审团众星云集。享誉世界的“西点世界杯”的创办人、法国最佳甜品工匠与最佳冰品工匠Gabriel Paillasson先生担任荣誉主席。

爱乐薇品牌大使、曾获得西点世界杯银奖和铜奖的西点大师Eric Perez担任比赛评委主席。

担任比赛评委的还有中国西点大师梅晓章(Michael Mei),以及8支参赛团队的教练。


La Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire®爱乐薇培训中心总厨、2000年法国最佳工匠获得者(MOF)Nicolas Boussin在比赛中担任监事委员,监督并鼓励参赛者!



来自虹桥元一希尔顿的Team Cary程术队,队员分别是来自Cream Paul 的朱远Paul ZHU、和上海外滩W酒店朱贤东Sam ZHU,他们以精湛的技艺和团队配合,夺得首届中国甜品锦标赛的冠军。





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