Meet Louis Li

Louis Li was born on 18th August 1983 in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, China. He has a great passion for the art of bakery and pastry.

As a Technical demonstrator in charge for the South of China at Elle&Vire and Corman, he can fully show and express his unlimited creativity.

Creating freely various recipes based on natural dairy product range, he mostly enjoys the moments when his new creations are acknowledged and appreciated by the clients.

Before joining the Elle&Vire Corman team, he worked in different high-end 5 stars hotels as an Executive pastry Chef. He will never forget those moments being in charge for all operations at one of the Chinese fastest growing company "Huawei".

At the Ritz Carlton Shenzhen and Chengdu, his ultimate goal was to ensure that quality culinary dishes were being served on time. On days off, he loves cycling, traveling, and exploring new culinary trends are part of it.

During the past years, he contributed most of his professional career to the pastry field.
He believes that nowadays the trend in China pastry market is the increasing attention to quality. With improvement in living standards, Chinese consumers require higher level of food quality and safety. Consumers can easily notice the difference between bad and good, healthy or unhealthy due to the access of various information channels.

Ingredients with premium quality are sure to have a great potential in the future.

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