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Gianluca Fusto is a pastry chef with a chef pedigree, known for his style, creativity and sensitivity for great ingredients.
Born in Milan, he finds a spiritual father in Aimo Moroni at the Milanese restaurant Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia (2 Michelin stars).
After several important collaborations around the world, with Yann Duytsche and the French Ecole du Grand Chocolat of Valrhona as first foreign professor he completes his vocational-technical background.
With his firm Gianluca Fusto Consulting, he offers tailor-made courses and consultancies from Paris to Dubai, from Tokyo to Hong Kong.
From his many achievements, in 2011 he coaches the Italian Team to win the First place of the Juniores Pastry World Cup at SIGEP in Rimini (Italy).
He takes part in various major events of EXPO 2015, the Italian daily edition of the culinary television program “Masterchef” 2014 and participates as special foreign guest in the TV show Arabic TOP CHEF 2018.
The SKY ARTE Channel TV format “DE.Sign”, focused on the most famous designers and creatives of the world, features Gianluca Fusto as the “Italian Architect of Modern Pastry”.
He is member of AMPI (Accademia Maestri Pasticcieri Italiani) and of the Associazione Italiana Ambasciatori del Gusto. He is awarded "Best Italian Pastry Chef 2012" at Identità Golose in Milan.
By now, Gianluca Fusto has published 5 best-selling pastry books: "PERCORSI" (2 different versions), “CROSTATE” and “MONO. Le monoporzioni in pasticceria.” (Italian Gourmet publishing) for professionals; and “Le mie 24 ore dolci” (“My sweet 24 hours”) for gourmets (Gribaudo).
Besides his continuous travelling and consulting around the world, he is currently working on a new book, the opening of his first signature atelier in Milano (Autumn 2019) and the development of the brand FUSTO Milano together with his partner Linda.

The adventure of a new bakery, the diversification of the offer, the placement on diverse market segments, the curiosity to renew the know-how and grow: Gianluca Fusto Consulting was created to help operators in the sector, and not only, to develop new ideas and start-ups or do better what they already do.
The experience that Gianluca has gained in his career allows him to collaborate with individual Firms and/or Companies through a wide range of proposals:

- training courses for all sectors of the pastry world: restaurant, catering, hotel, laboratory and chocolate confectionery

- research and development projects for the confectionery and pastry industry, with the creation of exclusive and personalized recipes, conceived "made to measure"

- personalized technical assistance and courses, to bring on site a know-how related to technologies, ingredients, flexibility and creativity

- public and private gastronomic events on an International scale
- consultancy, training and assistance, extended to all aspects of the activity
- commercial survey linked to the location to assess the potential and the target, and case study of the competitors
- organization of the environments: laboratory logistics, machinery positioning, rationalization of the production process, from preparation to selling, furnishing advices
- technological research: new technologies, professional machines suitable for any type of structure, ad hoc instruments to be carried out with professionals and companies in the sector
- human resources: selection of collaborators, training in the field of service and confectionery, creation of multimedia material for the realization of recipes, evaluation of staff, scheduling of the shift, assistance in the search for specific figures
- raw materials: selection of suppliers and raw materials, merchandise advice in terms of quality and rheology, enhancement of local ingredients and territory
- offer: study of the proposals, updates and creative ideas calibrated on the needs of the structures and on the types of customers, economy of the kitchen according to the selected menus, correct use of the cold chain, shelf life
Customized pastry courses of variable duration (bases of recipes, techniques, products, preservation of products):
- Desserts on the plate and restaurant/catering pastry
- Chocolate and pralines level 1 (basic)
- Chocolate and pralines level 2 (in-depth analysis)
- Innovative pastry, modern cakes, tarts and pies, single servings (monoporzioni)
- Mignon pastry and macarons
- Confectionery and voyage pastry
- Biscuits
- Made-to-measure creations
- Pastry and Ice cream
- Sweets and Desserts for events on request
- Research and industrial development

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by Gianluca Fusto

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by Gianluca Fusto

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