6 chefs techniques
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Homemade butter

It is a butter obtained directly by beating a whipping cream. It will abound and then will gradually part with butter on one side and on the other, whey.
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Beurre noisette

It is a heated butter that take aromatic notes of roasted hazelnut thanks to the casein caramelization. It brings a very interesting aromatic touch to the recipes like the financier cake.
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Clarified butter

Melt the butter and decant it in order to recover casein and whey. Once clarified, it becomes resistant to high cooking temperatures without any risk of becoming brown or black.
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Compound butter

These are softened butters in which we just add flavoring ingredients . These butters will serve as a topping on meat or grilled fish on vegetables, pasta, potatoes or on slices of toasted bread
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